Save Even More Money with Our Value-Focused Pricing

EDI is supposed to make your business more efficient – the last thing you need is a massive EDI bill slowing down your growth.

At NEXUS, we're upfront about pricing because we believe in earning your trust before earning your business. Many EDI providers don’t display their prices on their websites because the value simply isn't there.

We don't charge any hidden fees or ridiculous rates, so we have nothing to hide.

Kilo-Character Pricing Pricing by the Kilo-character

The amount of EDI data your company exchanges is measured by the kilo-character – the individual pieces of data in an EDI document. Our prices are arranged in tiers based on the amount of kilo-characters you send each month, allowing us to provide a cost-effective (and scalable) EDI solution for businesses of all sizes.

With our entry-level tier starting at $179, your company can send up to 3000 kilo-characters to UNLIMITED trading partners for significantly less than developing an in-house EDI system.

As your business grows and you exchange more kilo-characters, your price will increase, but your cost per kilo-character will decrease. Unlike with EDI providers that charge by the amount of trading partners you have, you actually save more money as you expand your EDI network and exchange more EDI data.

Take a look at our pricing tiers below to see how low your next EDI bill could be!

Pricing Tiers